• Scholarly Webtext: Refining My Idea

    Posted on December 3rd, 2013 msmith88 No comments

    Right now, I’m looking at my feedback from Dr. Warnick on the Unit 4 project. Unit 4 is a Scholarly Webtext, where I will select a topic related to an aspect of writing, technology, social media, or internet culture, and create a web-based artifact. The web-based artifact will incorporate outside sources that will make a specific argument designed to be read by an academic audience.

    My topic is very broad, and Dr. Warnick suggested that I refine it to create a more specific argument. I decided that I wanted to talk about Youth and Technology, but here is my problem… I need to figure out something much more specific. In my plan of action, I seemed to gravitate toward talking about the issue of privacy as it relates to youth and social media. I think that this topic will help me provide more specific information, so I can make a much clearer stance on my webtext. Also, I decided that I’d like to use Storify to present my final project. This way, I’ll be able to collect and arrange important artifacts from my sources while adding my own comments. I thought about using Medium; however, I think it might be a little too text-based for this project.

    Now, it’s time to refine my overall idea and find the right sources for it!