• Final Tap Essay

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    Here is the link to my final tap essay project: https://readtapestry.com/s/oGmI77UPc/

    I had a lot of fun creating this, so I hope you enjoy it!

  • One of My Favorite Tap Essays

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    This tap essay is titled “McDonald’s Bullshit Budget” and talks about the disadvantages of being a McDonald’s employee. The author does a great job emphasizing her important points, while adding a lot of humor.

    It’s definitely worth reading!


  • Tap Essay: Timing is Everything

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    After continuing to read Shipka’s Toward a Composition Made Whole, I’ve come to realize that the third chapter, titled “A Framework for Action,” discusses the non-traditional forms of composition. Some of the ideas within this chapter are especially useful for a Tap Essay, which is the next assignment in my Writing and Digital Media class. The tap essay will be composed through a website called Tapestry. Through the website, I will be able to compose an interactive essay. I will be able to make it at my own pace and I will also be able to emphasize important points.

    In the third chapter, Shipka talks about a student named Muffie who creates a non-traditional project for class involving dance. During her composition process, Muffie started “planning out the music– planning out choruses, verses, and how many counts of eight everybody gets. Part of this planning involved her reviewing the videotaped footage so that she could determine which members of the FYC class would get solos” (Shipka 71). In a way, the composition process that Muffie uses is similar to that of the tap essay. The tap essay process involves timing out every sentence. After pauses are added for timing purposes, you can preview the essay and see if the timing works well and emphasizes the right points. For a unique project, timing can be everything. It can emphasize the right points and highlight their importance.

  • Digital Narrative Viewing

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    Today in class, we watched everyone’s final digital narratives. A lot of them were really good and it showed how all of us interpreted the assignment differently. Most of us used a picture montage, while some of my classmates were brave enough to videotape some of their scenes. I definitely should have considered using video clips in my digital narrative, especially after I saw how successful they were in other projects.

    This is a link to my final project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyRLd0voipc

    In my project, I talk about how I’ve lived in a very small town for my whole life. As I continued to mature, I began to realize that I was basically living in a bubble because I wasn’t really exposed to much. I especially never noticed a lot of the family related obstacles that some of my friends had to deal with growing up. When I came to Tech, I got involved in my sorority’s philanthropy. Our philanthropy, Mock Rock, supports victims of domestic violence in the New River Valley, so it’s amazing to see our proceeds go directly to Blacksburg and its surrounding areas. Domestic violence is definitely considered a family related obstacle, and it really opened my eyes to the pain that some families have to go through. My experience with Mock Rock has had a huge impact on my life, and I’m really happy that I got to share that through my digital narrative.