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PhDs & Kittens

I am a PhD student, I also run an animal rescue, Crazy Cat Lady Animal Rescue. Before the animal rescue was formally off the ground several folks in academia suggested I wait until after my PhD program to start this … Continue reading

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Future of Higher Ed- Bye Bye Bell Curve

Grading on a bell curve is quite possibly one of the biggest abuses of the curve (next to measuring IQ). Some proponents argue that grading on a bell curve fosters competition – however, we get away from the point of … Continue reading

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Service Learning is a service to all

John Dewey was a proponent of progressive education observed that students tend to learn and retain information more effectively when they learn through a cycle of action and reflection. His views differed significantly from the prevailing educational approach, which required … Continue reading

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Listen [or don’t listen] to your mother!

My entire life I’ve heard over and over again the phrase, “Listen to your mother.” Those who raise us are our earliest teachers, and often have the biggest influence on the adults we become. I don’t know if my mother … Continue reading

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Inclusion & the Academic Glass Ceiling

It is difficult to imagine yourself in a position where we haven’t seen someone like you before. One example of this that comes readily to mind is a woman president. We have Hillary R. Clinton again vying for the nomination … Continue reading

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Six Canons of Engineering Ethics

The full Code of Ethics for Engineers can be found HERE! The 6 Fundamental Canons of Engineering Ethics according to the National Society of Professional Engineers Engineers, in the fulfillment of their professional duties, shall: 1. Hold paramount the safety, … Continue reading

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Scholarly Integrity – Post Docs & Pudding Cups

This case study is from the ORI RCR Resource Development Casebook from the Authorship and Publication chapter. Summary of case study: A young post doc has taken a position at a famous institution with a strong publish or perish culture. She … Continue reading

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Open Access – Publish or Perish

The journal I selected is the Open Transportation Journal published by Bentham Open – the publisher is located in the United States.  The Open Transportation Journal, a peer reviewed journal, is an important and reliable source of current information on developments in … Continue reading

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Institutional Variations in Mission Statements

Virginia Tech’s mission statement focuses on the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge. Cecil College’s mission statement focuses on providing an enriched and supportive learning environment, the College strives to empower each student with skills, knowledge, and values needed for … Continue reading

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