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Toxic Mentoring

What is a mentor? A mentor is a someone who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. This relationship is extremely important for a multitude of reasons, primarily because the behaviors the learner acquires early on will … Continue reading

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Strategies for maintaining focus when you’re wired for distraction

I have Attention Deficit Disorder, while some people don’t believe it actually exists I think that we can all agree that we can all agree that everyone displays varying degrees of its symptoms from time to time. I am wired … Continue reading

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Setting your mind on fire with critical pedagogy

Education can function to control and contain students and maintain the status quo. Or, it empowers students to be critically engaged and active participants in society. It is time to take education beyond the walls of the classroom.  Focusing singularly … Continue reading

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Inclusive Pedagogy – Moving past privilege and bias toward a more inclusive climate

Before we begin, I want to break down the differences between privilege, bias, and racism.Privilege Privilege (n): a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person (or group of people) beyond the advantages of most. Below are a just … Continue reading

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Finding my teaching voice by watching Doctor Who

While trying to think about how I want to teach I happened to be on a Doctor Who kick. Doctor who is about a humanoid alien (Time Lord to be specific) with two hearts, a blue space ship called the TARDIS … Continue reading

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Making the grade

I enjoy the company of young people – they like to think. They have cool ideas, they’re off the wall, and down right hilarious. As I’m getting closer to the age of wanting to have a family of my own … Continue reading

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How do we measure knowledge?

Why is examination the measure by which we judge an individual’s understanding of material? I have had this inability to take tests well since I was a child. It’s not to say I’m unintelligent or I can’t have a conversation … Continue reading

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Working in a bubble – not as awesome as it sounds

Working in a bubble – your current situation is not representative of reality. Why we need to leave the bubble – we need to leave the bubble to work in a multidisciplinary environment, to work in an environment that is representative … Continue reading

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This is a test of my blog for Pedagogical Practices in Contemporary Contexts

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