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Privilege and Inclusion

Growing up my mother always taught my to treat people with respect. To not judge people based on the color of their skin but by their values, morality, and empathy. When I was a child we would celebrate Martin Luther … Continue reading

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How do we measure knowledge?

Why is examination the measure by which we judge an individual’s understanding of material? I have had this inability to take tests well since I was a child. It’s not to say I’m unintelligent or I can’t have a conversation … Continue reading

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Working in Higher Ed

I can’t decide if I want to work in academia. I see how my professors interact with one another and their students and their egos push other people out of the room. I am worried that being a jerk is … Continue reading

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Working in a bubble – not as awesome as it sounds

Working in a bubble – your current situation is not representative of reality. Why we need to leave the bubble – we need to leave the bubble to work in a multidisciplinary environment, to work in an environment that is representative … Continue reading

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Journal 1

This is the first week of class. I think that Diversity in Global Society will probably be my favorite class. It seems like it will cover a lot of interesting content that doesn’t get discussed in engineering or academia in … Continue reading

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Test post for GRAD 5214 – Diversity for Global Society

This is a test post for GRAD 5214 –  Diversity for Global Society.

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This is a test of my blog for Pedagogical Practices in Contemporary Contexts

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Institutional Variations in Mission Statements

Virginia Tech’s mission statement focuses on the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge. Cecil College’s mission statement focuses on providing an enriched and supportive learning environment, the College strives to empower each student with skills, knowledge, and values needed for … Continue reading

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