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Toxic Mentoring

What is a mentor? A mentor is a someone who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. This relationship is extremely important for a multitude of reasons, primarily because the behaviors the learner acquires early on will … Continue reading

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Together We Rise

Together We Rise (TWR) is a non-profit organization located in Brea, California. Their vision is to improve the lives of foster children in America, who are often forgotten and neglected by the public. Through collaboration with community partners TWR is … Continue reading

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I have had to deal with feeling oppressed and hated many times before – largely because I am engaged to a woman (not just any woman, arguably the most wonderful woman on this earth.) I am supposed to be understanding … Continue reading

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Domestic Terrorism – An Institutional Problem

I should be preparing for my oral prelim right now. It’s in 4 days – and I can’t focus. I can’t focus because this world is a mess. I am frustrated beyond belief with everyone and everything. We’ve had more … Continue reading

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Exam Deflation & Imposter Syndrome

I took my prelim over the Thanksgiving break. Monday – Saturday. 6 days, 5 questions. 144 hours of anxiety-ridden hell. When an experience like that is over many people who haven’t experienced such a process before would expect one to … Continue reading

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PhDs & Kittens

I am a PhD student, I also run an animal rescue, Crazy Cat Lady Animal Rescue. Before the animal rescue was formally off the ground several folks in academia suggested I wait until after my PhD program to start this … Continue reading

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Future of Higher Ed- Bye Bye Bell Curve

Grading on a bell curve is quite possibly one of the biggest abuses of the curve (next to measuring IQ). Some proponents argue that grading on a bell curve fosters competition – however, we get away from the point of … Continue reading

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Service Learning is a service to all

John Dewey was a proponent of progressive education observed that students tend to learn and retain information more effectively when they learn through a cycle of action and reflection. His views differed significantly from the prevailing educational approach, which required … Continue reading

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Listen [or don’t listen] to your mother!

My entire life I’ve heard over and over again the phrase, “Listen to your mother.” Those who raise us are our earliest teachers, and often have the biggest influence on the adults we become. I don’t know if my mother … Continue reading

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Inclusion & the Academic Glass Ceiling

It is difficult to imagine yourself in a position where we haven’t seen someone like you before. One example of this that comes readily to mind is a woman president. We have Hillary R. Clinton again vying for the nomination … Continue reading

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