• Discussion for Reindeer People

    Posted on April 1st, 2014 mollyo92 No comments

    I’ve listed a few topics that I’ve picked out of the blogs this week for the discussion of Reindeer People
    -Conflicting beliefs about Bayanay, specifically on the topic of hunting
    -Given that reindeer are such a good candidate for domestication, why did reindeer domestication happen in Russia and not elsewhere?
    -The effect of Soviet communism on the relationship between domesticated reindeer and the Eveny people
    -Treatment of animals in a capital vs Soviet communist society
    -Commodification of animals: how did the relationship change between humans and reindeer as the animals changed from partners to commodities?
    -Division between domesticated and wild reindeer: change of genes? What accounts for the differences?
    -Relationship of animal treatment in correlation with religion in pastoral and nomadic societies
    -How we treat our pets vs animals that are domesticated for food
    -Domesticated people: can humans be domesticated in the same way that animals can? Did this happen to the reindeer people?
    -Dream interpretation

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