Future of The University

I have two major limitations regard to current situations of the universities:

  1. I believe that there is no balance in higher education systems in the universities. You can imagine two students in the same major from two different universities. They have passed the same courses, but one of them took courses with some instructors who took easy. Therefore, the GPA of them are completely different. But, their knowledge are the same. They apply for a specific job and the investigator observes their GPA. Who will he be hired? Absolutely, the person who has higher GPA.  So, I believe that current higher education system is not fair. All of the students follow their majors to get degree. But, this degree cannot be an appropriate indicator of their qualifications.  We should find another method to certify the students about their knowledge. I want to suggest certifications instead of degrees. Certifications may be awarded to certify that the students know some skills in that area. Therefore, the employers should evaluate their applicants with more effective ways to select most qualified individuals for their jobs.
  2. Another issue regard to higher education is that most of the faculties want to publish some journal papers. Most of them do not think whether their knowledge can be helpful for human beings or not. Because they only want to get promotions. I believe this method may cause the bad effect on the science in near future. We must use knowledge as a tool to help human beings. So, the university should find another way to promote their faculties.

In conclusion, I think that the universities should change their policy for students and their faculties by considering aforementioned points.


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  1. Adrian says:

    Hi Mohammad, I agree with both of your points of view. Starting from your second thought, I consider publishing might be the result expected from research; however, I criticize the fact that due to deadlines professors as well as students, wrap up the content of papers, as well as experiments and conclusions. Then I criticize the fact that publishing is all what it matters. I agree with your thought that we (professors and students) might need a different perspective about the meaning of publishing, and maybe a paper should have a dynamic rating evaluated on the basis of its contributions to society.

    On your first thought, I think GPA is a good measure to evaluate academic performance, and I agree with you that it is not possible to use that tool to compare two students from different schools because the same program might have been tougher in one of the universities, and that would be reflected most likely in a lower GPA. However, I am sure sometimes we are at one side of the balance, and sometimes on the other side, so maybe we just don’t have control of that, and the effects of this on the job search are maybe in control of the companies rather than in the universities. Adrian

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