Possible Funding Resources in the United States of America for Faculties, Part 3: NSF

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation (NSF) is well-known founding resource for scientific researches in the US. NSF vision includes: “enabling the nation’s future through discovery, learning and innovation” [6]. NSF support the researches because of these goals:

  • Improves knowledge for the advantage of the nation
  • Supports typically fundamental researches (vs. applied)
  • Educate and support the new researchers and faculties.

This institution supports research in different fields. The number of submitted proposals for some research fields during nine consecutive years are presented in [1].  As it can be seen, Engineering has most contribution.

The researchers should submit a proposal to apply for the grant. The proposal should be written to address the following three features:

  • Intellectual Merit: What is the intellectual merit of the proposed activity?
  • Broader Impacts: What are the broader impacts of the proposed activity?

But, it is very competitive. For instance, 9792 proposals were accepted and 31966 proposals were rejected in 2005. Therefore, the rate of acceptance is lower than 25% [1]. There is a review panel includes several faculties from different institutions. They review the proposals and evaluate them.

1- http://www.nsf.gov/


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