Professional Code of Ethics

As a PhD student at Human Factor Engineering and Ergonomics, ISE, Virginia Tech, I need to participate in different experiments as my research. I need to collect data from humans and analyze this data.

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society has a code of ethics. This cone can be found in the below link:

This code includes five articles and each article has several principle.

Article I – Professional Qualifications

The human factor engineers should present their professional qualifications.

Article II – General Conduct

The human factor engineers should behave as an engineer that is accepted with their professional community.

Article III – Publications

The human factor engineers usually need to deliver reports and publish them to get credit.

Article IV – Subject Precautions

Based on this article, I should follow IRB at Virginia Tech. IRB follows the regulations related to Virginia State and Virginia Tech rules.

Article V – Forensic Practice

The human factor engineers should not use the methods beyond scientific methods, for example: jurisprudence.


I believe that code of ethics has a major role in my research field, because we need to invite the people to participate in our experiments. Therefore, we need specific regulations to use in our data collection. This regulations can be also useful to prove that the results are reliable and can be applied for similar cases.

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