Possible Funding Resources in the United States of America for Faculties, Part 2

The researchers should submit a proposal to apply for the grant. The proposal should be written to address the following three features:

  1. Significance: ability of project to improve health
  2. Approach: feasibility of methods & budged
  3. Innovation: originality of your approach*

In addition, the investigators should show their qualifications to perform this project. The investigators should demonstrate that they have proper facilities and equipment in their institution.

The NIH application forms includes these parts:

  • Specific Aims

It should be one page. The investigators should explain their proposed research concisely.

  • Research Strategy

In this part, the investigators need to explain about their plan and approach to do their project.

  • Budget and Justification

The investigator should present the direct and indirect costs of the project. They also should justify their budget plan.

  • Protection of Human Subjects

They should get certification from IRB to show that their project is not harmful for humans.

  • Biographical Sketch

A brief description of investigators should be written in this part. The investigators can show their abilities to do their project in this part.

  • Resources and Environment

The investigator describe their environment includes: Laboratory, University, facilities.

  • Appendix
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