Why should we follow PhD degree?

I believed that PhD give me very solid academic foundation and will be prepared me to undertake research projects in high-tech fields. My motivation for achieving to PhD degree has doubled since I had a trip to Austria to take part in Biomed2011 conference for presentation of my papers. I consulted with other researchers from European countries and noticed that scientific and research environment of graduate school can impress anyone.

In addition, my plan for future is to become an academic man who has developed both theoretical and practical aspects of my fields of interest. In fact I think it is the art of a successful researcher to apply theoretical materials properly in design and implement practical systems. Obviously, becoming skillful simultaneously in both of these aspects is not easy and in addition to a huge amount of effort, needs supervision of experienced advisors and also considerable facilities; and these are exactly the factors that make me interested in PhD program!

Therefore, the desire to delve deeper into scientific research pushed me to pursue a PhD degree. If I can pursue my PhD study in good manner, my knowledge scope could be greatly broadened, and my ability of analysis and innovation in my field would also be promoted.

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