Graduate Teaching Assistant for ME 4006 Building Lab

This is a part of the lab for senior undergraduate ME students where they are supposed to analyze the effect of winds on the vibration of a building on campus i.e. Goodwin Hall. The Goodwin Hall building is instrumented with accelerometers throughout the building as a part of a Smart Infrastructure project. A TEDx Talk about the building was delivered by Prof. Pablo Tarazaga which is available on YouTube.

  • Instructing students in ME 4006 – ‘Building Lab’, to analyze the effect of wind on the vibrations of the building
  • Grading of reports and guiding students about analyzing vibrations detected by accelerometers and signal processing in time and frequency domains

Teaching Philosophy Statement

My teaching philosophy statement summarizes my experiences with teaching and my interpretations of the teaching-learning process

Mohit Shenvi_Draft_Teaching Philosophy Statement_v2