Virginia Tech Research Projects

Snow Measurements and Characterization for Traction Prediction (CenTiRe)

  • Performed a comprehensive literature review for testing methods to characterize snow and its material properties
  • Analyzing tire traction data to identify significant properties and find the relative sensitivity of snow and temperature properties on the tire traction coefficient of 14-inch SRTT

Investigation of the Effect of Tread Rubber Compounds on Tire Traction 
on Ice (Sumitomo Rubber Industries)

  • Conducted experimental tests to investigate tire traction on ice while analyzing the impact of the tread rubber compound
  • Parametrized the Magic Formula Tire Model for all tires using Genetic Algorithm to investigate effect of tread rubber compound, ambient temperature and aging on the MF coefficients
  • Conducted a study to highlight the pros and cons of in-house developed models for temperature rise and water film height estimation over classical models

Systematic Testing and Parameterization of Soft Soil for Vehicular Applications (ISTVS)

  • Collaborated as a member of a team to update the ISTVS standards for off-road mobility
  • Conducted tests to analyze tire performance on soft soil by variation in inflation pressure, initial soil compaction, tire normal load and the multi-pass effect