Mary A. Norris

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Virginia Tech                                                                          Blacksburg, VA 24060

School of Education                                                               540-239-0593 (c)

104 War Memorial Hall

Blacksburg, VA 24060




Ph. D., Educational Research and Evaluation, In Progress

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Advisor, Gary Skaggs

M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, June 2004

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA

Advisor, George Glasson

B.S., Geophysics, August 1984

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA


Work Experience

Research Assistant

Virginia Tech, 2016-present

Duties: Work on School to Prison Pipeline Grant quantitative team to plan and execute data analysis


Graduate Assistant/ Office of Academic Programs

Virginia Tech, 2015-present

Duties: Assist in planning, collecting, and analyzing data for School of Education accreditation


Summer Research Assistant

Virginia Tech, 2015

Duties: Research topics in Engineering Education and create report for use by faculty to identify gaps in literature and opportunities for future research


Physics Teacher in Residence

Virginia Tech, 2013-2014

Courses Taught: PHYS 4984, Physics Teaching and Learning, PHYS 2305

Other Duties: Recruiting and advising future physics teachers, Textbook Review Committee


Classroom Teacher

Salem High School, 2001-2013 and 2014-2015

Courses Taught:  Physics, grades 10-12; IB Physics SL, grades 11-12; Physical Science II, grades 11-12

Other Duties:  National Board Certification Mentor; National Honor Society Sponsor; Staff Development Committee; Growth Project, Student Growth and Strategic Compensation Committees; Environmental Club Sponsor


Classroom Teacher

Radford High School, Radford, VA, 1985-2001

Courses Taught: Physics, grades 11-12; Honors Physics, grades 11-12; Earth Science, grade 9; Honors Earth Science, grade 9; General Math, grade 9; Consumer Math, grades 10-12; Math 8, grade 8

Other Duties:  Science Club Sponsor, MACC Coach


Presentations and Publications

  • National Council for Measurement in Education Conference; Washington, DC 2016

Poster presentation: Determining the Diagnostic Properties of the Force Concept Inventory


  • Connections 2014 Conference; Blacksburg, VA 2014

Poster presentation: Virginia Tech PhysTec Project: An Evaluation of Effectiveness


  • Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy; Blacksburg, VA 2014

Poster presentation: Taking the Long Road: How Early Research-grounded Field Experiences Affect Teachers’ Classroom Practices and Beliefs


  • American Association of Physics Teachers Winter Meeting; Orlando, FL; 2014

Poster presentation: Supporting the Metamorphosis from Physics Student to Physics Teacher


  • Virginia Association of Science Teachers Conference; Norfolk, VA; 2013

Presentations: Physics Demo and Lab Share Fest and PhysTEC: Mentoring the Next Generation of Physics Teachers


  • Mid-Atlantic Association of Science Teacher Educators Regional Conference; Daniels, WV; 2013

Poster presentation: Virginia Tech’s PhysTEC: Inspiring Students to Pursue Physics Teaching


  • Madden A. S., Hochella M. F., Jr., Glasson G. E., Grady J.R., Bank T.L., Green A.M., Norris M. A., Hurst A.N., and Eriksson S.C. (2011) Welcome to Nanoscience: Interdisciplinary Environmental Explorations, Grades 9–12. National Science Teachers Association Press, ISBN 978-1-93613-732-9


  • TI 3-day Math and Science Training; Roanoke, VA; 2009

Workshop:  Using Vernier Probes with the TI-84


  • T3 Regional Conference; Salem, VA; 2008

Workshops:  CBR’s and Motion Graphs and Learning Check with TI-Navigator



  • T3 International Conference; Dallas, TX; 2008

Workshop:  Using TI-Navigator to Teach Motion Graphs


  • District Training; Franklin County Schools, VA; 2007

Workshop:  Getting Started with TI-Navigator


  • District Training; DOC Schools, Richmond, VA; 2007

Workshop:  Using Probeware and LoggerPro Software in the Math and Science Classroom


  • T3 International Conference; Chicago, IL; 2007

Workshop:  Data Sharing with TI-Navigator


  • T3 Regional Conference; Salem, VA; 2006

Workshops:  Walk the Line and Data Sharing with TI-Navigator


  • T3 Regional Conference; Hot Springs, AR; 2006

Workshops:  CBR’s in the Math Classroom, Using the Force Plate to Judge Your Sneakers, and Data Sharing with TI-Navigator


  • T3 Regional Conference; Savannah, GA; 2006

Workshops:  CBR’s in Math Classroom and TI-Navigator Smorgasbord

  • Blue Ridge Council of Teachers of Mathematics; Roanoke, VA; 2005

Workshop:  Rate of Change—Using CBR’s in the Math Classroom


  • Fairfax County Public Schools Professional Development Day; Langley, VA;  2005

Workshop:  Nano-2-Earth Project—Introduction of original curriculum to Fairfax County Geoscience Teachers


  • Virginia Association of Science Teachers; Roanoke, VA; 2000

Workshop:  Discrepant Events—An Invitation to Inquiry


  • National Science Teachers Association; Boston, MA; 1999

Presentation:  How to Apply for a GTE GIFT Grant


  • Teaching Inquiry with the Latest Technology; Roanoke, VA; 1999

Presentation:  Star Parties in the Earth Science Classroom


  • Save Our Streams; Radford, VA; 1998

Two-day Workshop for Radford City Elementary Teachers


  • Virginia Association of Science Teachers, 1996

Workshop:  CBL’s and You—Incorporating the Latest Technology into Your        Laboratory


Other Awards

  • Outstanding Student in Educational Research and Evaluation, Virginia Tech, 2015-2016


  • Texas Instruments T-3 Regional Instructor, 2005-2008


  • National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent and Adulthood Science, 2000-present


  • GTE GIFT Grant Recipient, 1998


  • Toyota Tapestry Grant Recipient, 1996


Other Professional Experience

  • Graduate Liason to Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs, Virginia Tech, 2016-2017


  • Reviewer, Graduate Poster Session, National Council for Measurement in Education Meeting, San Antonio, TX, 2017


  • Delegate, Graduate Student Assembly, Virginia Tech, 2015-2016


  • Reviewer, Travel Grant Program, Graduate Student Assembly, Virginia Tech, 2015.


  • Reviewer, Graduate Poster Session, National Council for Measurement in Education Meeting, Washington, DC, 2016


  • Clinical Faculty/ Cooperating Teacher, Virginia Tech, 2002-2015


  • Adjunct Faculty, Virginia Western Community College, 2007-2015


  • Teacher Participant, Connected Classroom Study (CCMS) through The Ohio State University, 2006-2009


  • Instructor, ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp, June 2007


  • Teacher Participant, Nanobiogeochemistry Project through Virginia Tech


  • Teacher Participant, Reading to Learn in Science Education through Virginia Tech


Outside Interests

  • Blacksburg Community Strings violinist
  • Volunteer Lyric Theater
  • Other hobbies: running, reading, knitting