My interest in research began during my time as an undergraduate at the College of William and Mary. My first lab experience was in a psychophysiology lab studying attention and perception of different social groups, where I worked as an undergraduate research assistant for 5 semesters. After completing my undergraduate degree, I moved into a position as a clinical research coordinator at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, primarily working on industry-sponsored drug trials.

My current research, in the department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise, focuses on physiological responses to dietary/nutritional interventions. Specifically, I am interested in how healthy and unhealthy (e.g. metabolically inflexible, type 2 diabetic) individuals respond differently to nutritional challenges. In my time as a PhD student so far, I have been focused on examining changes in the human skeletal muscle phosphoproteome in response to high-fat feeding.

I believe my varied research background has given me a unique and broad range of skills that I can apply to my future work.