BMC Physiology is an open access journal that I explored. BioMed Central (BMC) is a part of Springer Nature, is one of the largest open access publishers, and publishes many journals in different fields. BMC Physiology specifically publishes peer-reviewed articles about physiological processes- from the cellular to organismal level. All articles published in this journal “are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication.”[1]

In addition to open access journals, there are many peer-reviewed subscription journals that give authors the option to publish their articles with open access for a fee. While the open-access model certainly seems to increase transparency in research, it is not perfect. While articles in open-access publications are free to readers, there may be high costs to authors to publish in these journals. Additionally, as authors and readers, we should be aware of predatory open-access journals, which are not reputable and will print any article submitted as long as the fee is paid.