Innovative Ways to Conserve Energy

While searching for innovative ways to conserve energy, I came across a site that has 365 ways to save energy.  Even though this is not a large scale project, there are 365 little ways in which you can change your daily life to save energy in your household.  The list includes more ways to save energy other than just unplugging things when they are not being used and turning off the lights when you leave a room.  I did not know that there were so many small things that are simple to change in your daily life that you can do to save energy.  The list includes different solutions that may not be truly innovative but they will help you conserve energy in your daily life and saving energy starts with yourself.  Things as simple as dusting lamp shades, buying in bulk, and drying one load of laundry after another can make a big difference.

I wish that I would have found this site when I was trying to find ways to decrease my daily energy use.  I would have known a lot more ways to save energy that would not be the generic ways that everyone else uses.  Also, the site helped me realize that I already do a lot of these things without realizing it!


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