Task of Informing Others

Although I had trouble coming up with a way to inform others about saving energy on campus, I did come up with a creative challenge for a few of my friends.  I challenged friends from three different apartments- four including my own – to track their energy use and document any changes that they made.

The first apartment was a friend of mine that lives in The Village with one other roommate. They are both girls so the first thing I heard from them when I asked them about their results was that they unplugged their flat irons and hair dryers and tried to take shorter showers.  They did not have trouble keeping lights off because they live in such a small space that one lamp lights up the entire apartment.

The second apartment was my roommate’s boyfriend’s apartment in Fox Ridge.  He and his three other roommates seemed to have more trouble than the others and were lazier about saving energy too.  When I asked them if they made any changes in the past two weeks they said they turned lights off more.

The third apartment was three friends that live in Pheasant Run, two girls and a guy.  They seemed much more enthusiastic about the challenge than others.  They took the bus more often, turned off lights when they were not in the room, unplugged phone charges, and even claimed to have taken shorter showers.  They said that they found it very rewarding to note the changes in their energy use and that they look forward to keeping it up.


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