Reflection of Energy Use This Semester

My efforts to decrease my energy use have actually been successful this semester.  The electric bill in our apartment went from approximately $40.00 per person to $30.00 per person.  My roommates even jumped aboard my energy saving efforts in the beginning but their efforts have been dwindling recently.  I have tried to pick up their slack by unplugging as many things as possible and turning off all unnecessary lights.  I have been pretty good about keeping up with this but I have noticed my efforts dwindling as well as finals approach.  I have been extremely distracted from my energy saving even though it should probably be habit by now.

I never even thought about the fact that taking the bus all semester has saved a lot of energy.  I do not have a university parking permit so I take the Blacksburg transit to campus daily.  The only place I drive my car to regularly is to work, which is less than 5 miles away from my apartment.  I even find myself walking to friends’ apartments instead of driving.  I would really like to have a bike for next semester so I may do that as well, it would cut back a lot more energy in the transportation department than I already have.

As for my snake terrarium, I have had to add a space heater and an under the tank heater to help keep the optimal temperatures.  I even had to buy a humidifier to help him during shedding which also sucks up energy.  The positive part about the humidifier is that it shuts off on a timer.  Being in this class has really made me notice a lot more details about energy than I would in the first place.  I would never think about timers or how much energy it takes to keep my snake terrarium at the right temperature if it weren’t for the assignment to keep track of my own energy use.

Now that this class has gotten me thinking about my energy use, I plan on continuing to track my energy throughout next semester and even past that as well.  I am more aware of my personal energy use and the energy use of those around me and I am interested in learning new, innovative ways to save energy.

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