Hot Springs in Alaska Used for Geothermal Energy

When searching under the tag “geothermal energy” on delicious, I came across the Chena Hot Springs Resort located 60 miles outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.  The resort is absolutely beautiful and even better, they take advantage of the near hot springs as an energy source for the resort.  The hot springs are not only used for energy but are advertised to soak in while viewing the northern lights above.

I think that this resort is amazing.  All of the pictures provided on their website are spectacular.  The resort is linked with Chena Power, which promotes renewable energy sources throughout the world to other businesses and individuals.  The Chena Hot Springs Resort is also home to Chena Fresh, the United States’ most northern greenhouse in the country.  At Chena Fresh they grow many foods available for the local population to buy.
The entire Chena Power company has a great thing going in Alaska and is very smart for taking advantage of their surroundings to help produce a more Eco-friendly resort for the public.


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