Conact Within the U.S. Department of Energy

While doing my research on the United States Department of Energy, I came across the Interagency Sustainability Working Group (ISWG) that focuses on developing energy efficient and sustainable buildings.  The ISWG has board members from many different government agencies and one of the board members from the Department of Energy is Mrs. Sarah Jensen.  I emailed Jensen about a month ago but it took a few weeks to get a response.  I asked Jensen what her involvement in the ISWG was and what current projects they were working on.

In Jensen’s response, she informed me that she is a co-chair of the ISWG with her partner Ken Sandler.  She defined the ISWG as “a meeting of federal buildings personnel every other month, who listen to presentations on energy management in buildings and methods of achieving legislated and executive order sustainability targets”.  Although Jensen is a co-chair of the ISWG, she says it is only about 10% of her job.  The other 90% is running a sustainable buildings and campuses initiative for the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) which I also mentioned in my early post about the US DOE.  She spends her time helping federal buildings become energy efficient, use less water, buy things consciously, recycle everything they can, and to reduce toxicity and support indoor air quality.

I am very pleased that I was able to get in contact with Jensen and found the information that she provided to be very interesting and even a possible future career for myself.  Jensen was extremely helpful and even offered to help me get in contact with other officials in the US DOE.

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