Wrapping Up the Semester with my Power Player

Since the last time that I posted about my power player, Erica Putman, a lot has happened in her campaign to advertise the software “FatBatt”. Just as a refresher, FatBatt is an energy-saving software that you can download on your computer to help save it’s battery life. She was working with a Virginia Tech marketing class in the beginning of the semester that was instructed to create a presentation to promote the software on campus and locally in the Blacksburg area.  The class gave their presentation to MiserWare and failed miserably.  The group gave their presentation on promoting the software but instead of focusing on the local aspect, they leaned towards national outreach.  After the presentation, Putman had to come up with a new plan to promote her software.

Putman decided to  focus on getting interns on campus at Virginia Tech to help her promote the software.  These interns will basically do what the marketing class was instructed to do but focus locally and promote on campus.  The interns will brainstorm a marketing campaign, then use what they’ve decided and execute it.  This campaign is likely to include posting flyers, boothing on the drillfield, making table cards, etc.  In the end, there are a million ways to advertise on campus and MiserWare will have to wait and see what their budget will be.

Putman has opened her internship to all Virginia Tech students that both have experience and are seeking some entry level experience in the green energy business world.  She came to an Environmental Coalition meeting a few weeks ago to speak about her software and encourage EC members to apply for the internship.  Putman has had many trials and tribulations over the past semester trying to attain her goal of local outreach and is one step closer now.

I am proud to say that Erica Putman was my power player for this class because throughout this process I have not only learned a lot about what it is like to work for a local green company, but I have also made an amazing new friend and contact in the business world.


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