Reflecting on the Semester: Environmental Coalition

Although I did not plan on joining a group or club on campus at the beginning of the semester, I am really glad that UAP encouraged me to join the Environmental Coalition.  Since joining the EC, I have become involved in as many activities as my busy schedule allows and have had a great time doing so.  In order to gain official membership in the EC you have to earn 3 membership points and I am glad to say that I am an official member of the Environmental Coalition.  I have made some amazing friends and have been introduced to so many opportunities on campus such as study abroad, internship opportunities, and other activities to get involved on and off campus in the environmental world.  I am so much more informed about environmental concerns, not only here on campus but in the rest of the world as well.  The most interesting topic we learned recently was about Mountain Top Removal (MTR) and an opportunity to help end it during Spring break.  Through guest speakers and presentations at meetings, I have gained so much knowledge.  Joining the Environmental Coalition was the best decision I made all semester and I plan on continuing my membership for the duration of my time here at Virginia Tech

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