Letter to the Editor

Michelle Sutherland

Editor In Chief

Collegiate Times

365 Squires Student Center

Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

Mrs. Sutherland,

I am a sophomore here at Virginia Tech and am currently taking an Urban Public Issues Course.  Our main public issue of the semester has been energy use and we conducted a survey to guage the public’s opinion.  The students within the class each collected results from 10 family members, friends, and other persons.  The survey had questions about daily energy use and alternative energy options.

The results were not very surprising when it came to public knowledge about alternative energy sources.  Many people are familiar with the more common sources such as on shore/off shore wind, wave and tidal, and solar energy.  The “don’t know” answer was filled in less than 10% for each of them, with solar having the least amount of “don’t knows” at about 3%.  Biomass and Nuclar energy on the otherhand both had at least 15% of the answers as “don’t know” when the survey takers were asked their opinion on the subjects.

The public would be much more interested in getting involved with moving to alternative energy sources if they were more informed.  Blacksburg, as a community, should work on trying to inform the public about their options in alternative energy to help develop a more sustainable community.  Out of all of the survey takers, 77% said they would either support or strongly support the development of a mix of energy uses.  We have the tools to inform the community, we just need to come up with a game plan.
Thank you,

A Virginia Tech Student

Class of 2015


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