Environmental Coalition Update

The past few weeks in the Environmental Coalition we have had speakers from Dining Services and the Office of Energy and Sustainability.  The speaker from Dining Services mostly spoke about how we are continuously trying to get rid of Styrofoam but every idea they have gets shut down.  The Office of Energy and Sustainability spoke to us about getting involved in their internship program and how to start sustainability projects on campus.  Angie, the speaker, was a member of the Environmental Coalition many years ago and she gave us a history of the organization which was really interesting to hear.  It has taken the Environmental Coalition many years to get to the point that they have reached and they have worked really hard to become the amazing group that they are today.

Everyone in the Environmental Coalition recently filled out a survey on our opinion on the Stadium Woods issue since that has been our main focus of this semester.  We have had a couple of invasive species removal projects so far and now we are seeing what further action we should take.  If anyone wants to take the survey, it is open to the entire Blacksburg community on the Environmental Coalition Facebook page

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