Energy Wake-up Call

Since I have returned to Blacksburg this semester, I have been living in my first apartment with two of my best friends off campus.  Living on your own comes with a lot of responsibilities, one of which is paying an electric bill.  Between discussing energy consumption in class and these new found bills, I have begun to notice how energy efficient I am not!

There are so many things that get left plugged in when there are three girls living in one apartment.  We all have flat irons and hair dryers that we use on a daily basis and tend to not unplug when we leave, and that is just in the bathroom.  My roommate informed me the other day that I not only left my flat iron plugged in, but i left it on as well.  I usually am pretty good about turning the lights off when I leave a room but my roommates, however, are not the same.  One thing that we cannot control is the fact that there are no ceiling light fixtures in our apartment so we all have multiple lamps in every room in order to have adequate lighting.  Next time we head to Walmart, maybe we could pick up some of the more energy efficient light bulbs for our lamps.  My roommates and I definitely need to work on keeping our energy use down or we will be in for a rude awakening whenever we receive our electric bill.


My name is Megan Korbini and I am a sophomore here at Virginia Tech.  I applied to Virginia Tech as a business major in Hospitality and Tourism Management.  I had the dream of opening a small Inn.  I was involved in DECA (a marketing program) for three years of high school, two of them as a chapter officer.  Virginia Tech and James Madison are the only schools in the state of Virginia that have good programs for HTM and I knew I didn’t want to go to JMU, so I applied early decision to Virginia Tech.  After being accepted and spending my senior year mapping out my goals in HTM, my dream changed.

I took an Earth Science class my junior year in high school that sparked my interest in the environment and the world we live in.  After realizing my interest in this area, I signed up for an Environmental Science class my senior year.  In this class, we learned about the increasing number of environmental problems such as diminishing natural resources, declining sources of drinkable water, and pollution. We have been consuming our nonrenewable resources in an unsustainable manor and if we do not change our actions, these resources will be completely depleted.  Although these resources may not be gone within our lifetime, it is still important to conserve them for future generations.

I was not exactly sure what I could do with this new interest so I started doing my research on different departments at Virginia Tech.  I looked into the College of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) and soon after changed my major to Conservation Management.  While in the CNRE, I really enjoyed learning about the ways that people around the globe are trying to achieve sustainability.  On the other hand, I hated the science portion of it.  I have never been a science/math person before.  I soon after switched my major again and lost hope of finding something that truly interested me.

When I returned to Blacksburg this past month, I decided I needed to pick a major and just stick with it.  I started going through the list of majors a-z and did some research on what classes I would need for each of them.  When I came across the Public and Urban Affairs check sheet, I found that every class on the list interested me.  I looked around to find out some more about the program and it seemed like the best choice for me.  I have spent my past two semesters here changing my major about 5 times, which is an extremely excessive amount for someone who is just a rising sophomore.  I am now majoring in Public and Urban Affairs in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and am not exactly sure of what career path I would like to take.  I plan on taking courses in my areas of interest, and hopefully I will find something I am truly passionate about.  So far, I am enjoying all of my classes and I know I made the right choice.