I have a passion for undergraduate students; there is such an excitement about learning that I really want to support and encourage. I hope to always have a classroom that is open, accessible, kind, and challenging to the intellect. I have taught two sections of Public Speaking last semester (approx. 80 students), and am currently teaching two sections this semester. Below, I have included some feedback from last semester’s SPOT evaluations:

  • Ms. DeChristopher was very respectful of the students and really showed that she cared about us and wanted us to do well in the class.
  • She gave us grades back in a timely manner which helped us know where we stood in the class and she was always open to emails and office hours.
  • The course gave me more confidence in public speaking. The environment was very respectful and not at all scary like I had anticipated.
  • Ms. D. was encouraging to all students, and made the classroom feel like a safe place to practice public speaking