Part time position vs. Full time position

In today’s class, I saw the bar chart which is compared between the number of part-time position in the academic job market and the number of full-time position in that market. The number of part-time position has been increased since 1975, and the other, the number of full-time position has been decreased since 1975. I wondered the reason why this situation in the academic job market. Several reasons are existed. For instance, one of the reason is the economic status which the professor mentioned in the class. I think the request of professional job market has been changed, and the academic curriculum or system also has been changed to provide a person who is ready to work for a company in the industry or the professional market. The academic curriculum or system focused on the theoretical learning, but nowadays, it focuses on the practical learning at the higher education. As a result, I think the number of adjunct professor who are working for an industry area and can share their industry experiences as a part-time position is increased because a company requests the curriculum change. The role of higher education is changed by the company’s demand, and the academic position should be changed as well.

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