PBL vs. PBL!¬†When I am searching with the word, PBL, I found two different words from PBL. One is Project Based Learning and the other is Problem Based Learning. I was curious about the difference between two PBL. Why don’t … Continue reading

PBL, Must have contents!

PBL, Problem based learning. It sounds pretty new to me, and I tried to figure out what it is and what kind of contents are included in. I found something interesting about the answers for these two question. Please, read … Continue reading

Poverty makes another poverty

My PBL team decide to investigate about the “Environmental Justice”. I did not know anything about it even if what the meaning of this terminology is. When I figured out the meaning of “Environmental Justice”, I have been always thinking … Continue reading

Elephant mom vs. Tiger mom?

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A few years ago, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” made a tremendous issue in the U.S. about the¬†education and the book was one of bestsellers at that time. When I heard this news, I thought it did not make … Continue reading