Mission Statements of Two Universities, Stanford University vs. George Washington University.

I look into the mission statements of two universities which have a relationship between me and each university. I was done with my Master’s degree at Stanford University from 2007 to 2009 and I was also done with my summer research internship at George Washington University (GWU) in 2012. At that moment, I was not interested in their mission statement because I felt that university’s mission was too far away from me because it is intangible to students or temporary employees. However, now, I am thinking about what the mission of each university which I took because the mission is a starting point when I am looking for my future academic position. Stanford’s mission is based on several terms of Leland Stanford and Jane Lathrop Stanford, “Nature, Object, and Purpose”. Stanford’s mission is pretty detail to understand what their mission is and what the purpose of mission is. On the other hands, the expression of GWU’s mission shows a typical style of mission statement compared with other university’s missions, however, I felt that their mission is very focused on their faculties, more than their students. What do you think? Why don’t you check these two mission of each university, and which university’s mission is better for you?


Its nature, that of a university with such seminaries of learning as shall make it of the highest grade, including mechanical institutes, museums, galleries of art, laboratories, and conservatories, together with all things necessary for the study of agriculture in all its branches, and for mechanical training, and the studies and exercises directed to the cultivation and enlargement of the mind;

Its object, to qualify its students for personal success, and direct usefulness in life;

And its purposes, to promote the public welfare by exercising an influence in behalf of humanity and civilization, teaching the blessings of liberty regulated by law, and inculcating love and reverence for the great principles of government as derived from the inalienable rights of man to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



Our mission is to provide an environment where knowledge is created and acquired and where creative endeavors seek to enrich the experiences of the global society. With ten schools and colleges and nearly 100 research centers and institutes, our students receive hands-on experience as they explore nearly any avenue of personal interest.

The depth and breadth of our academic programs, the exceptional qualifications of our full-time faculty, the unmatched experiences of our adjunct faculty and the strengths of our research initiatives allow our students, our faculty and our staff to look at the world beyond the classroom. They allow us to prepare the next generation of leaders.


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