Korean education problem!

The purpose of study is to get into top universities in Korea and the reason why students are studying hard is the same as the purpose of study. They never say the reason to study is to improve their knowledge or their common sense. These reasons are just for old-fashioned people. Students usually go to several after-hours tutoring academies (hagwon), and they come back home around 12am. I was under the same situation when I was a high school student. According to this situation, generally, students always said that they are tired for lack of sleep, and they are dozing off in their classes. And then, they study hard at their hagwons and homes after their school. It is very ridiculous situation, right? Therefore, Korean government establishes a regulation which is that every hagwon does not allow to have a class after 10pm, and the government employee raids that a hagwon opens after 10pm or not. However, several parents complainted about this regulation because they insisted that their children need to learn some courses at a hagwon after 10pm, and a hagwon has the better quality of education than a school. Moreover, the parents said that their children have to get better test scores for entering into top universities, and a hagwon is the only way to get better test scores. They also said that school education cannot provide the high quality of education like the quality of hagwon education because school education has to take care of all different levels of students. I think this is not a problem of education quality, but a problem of social consciousness about the purpose of education. What do you think? Please, read the next article

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  1. angie

    I think you’re right, it is a matter of social consciousness. Many people think the more time you spend doing X, the better. I think U.S. culture typically values quantity over quality as well. To me, I would much rather spend more time going into depth on a few topics in a class instead of quickly trying to cover 50 topics in a semester and not fully comprehending any of them.

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