PhD student’s life

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“PhD students and personal business persons, never stop thinking about their own works at a workplace and at home, everywhere!” A common point between two totally different persons is that their success are depending on their own efforts, so they … Continue reading

MOOCs in North Korea

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In the today’s class, I am very curious about the MOOCs in North Korea because North Korea is the most extremely isolated country including world wide web in the world. I found North Korea launched two MOOCs, ‘How to build a … Continue reading

Korean education system

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In the last class, I introduced Korean education system for a few minutes, but I think it is a little lack of information and accuracy. I am trying to find more accurate and specific information. Most of my introduction parts … Continue reading

Power of Nonverbal Communication

In today’s class, we have a chance to discuss about the communication between each other and between groups. The verbal communication is pretty straightforward and easy to understand directly, however the other communication method is existed, nonverbal communication. It is … Continue reading