After the eve of departure

Leading up to the Global Perspectives Program 2018 trip was filled with millions of rows of data, thousands of words on a page, and hundreds of rows of code. The worst part about it is that it’s not over yet. I don’t think I’ll have much more data or code, but I’m still thousands of words away. As I plow through the final phase of my PhD, I’m mostly tired.

Planning for this trip was relatively nonexistent and I’ve already realized that in my rush to pack at the last minute, I forgot pajamas. GPP was the light halfway through the tunnel for me and my reward for sticking with it as hard as I could for as long as I could. That mentality wore me out though. I found myself suddenly having to switch from work mode into travel mode, and it was a switch that was surprisingly difficult to make.

There’s a bigger world out there, though, and the first view that can’t be found in Blacksburg reminded me why it’s worth it to step back and look around. I probably won’t get many words written in Switzerland, but maybe I won’t be so tired when I get back.

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