“The inner world wanes; professional intensity waxes”

I just read this NY Times article which is a longitudinal study of college freshmen. I thought it was incredibly interesting as it showed the generational differences. I think the last sentence of the article summed up the story best:

“The inner world wanes; professional intensity waxes.”

After our intense (and extensive) discussions about grades, it was really interesting to see the statistics about how the average grades have changed. Grades have gone up, but the workload has decreased. With all of this…students still feel more anxiety. Long term, we’re more unhappy. To me, this makes the point extremely clear – something has got to change in education. There are some major disconnects in our educational system. But where do we start with the solution? What do you think falls under our responsibility as professors? Is it our job to try to change this in higher education or is that a problem for elementary, middle, and high school teachers?

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