Reflections on Communicating Science

While the Communicating Science class was actually very painful for me (I really hate public speaking), I do feel like it helped me to think about my personal connection to my research. Throughout the class, we told our story a total of 3 times. Each time, the purpose was to get us more attuned to sharing it with a wide audience. However, I noticed something as I reflected back on the stories that I told… It was the same story, but with a different flavor.

The first time I explained my research, I gave a very technical explanation (though I tried to keep it as basic as possible) of my research. The person that I told was also in engineering and I feel like he had a good grasp of what I was explaining, but I don’t think it was appropriate for all audiences. The second time  told it, we were supposed to tell our personal connection to our research. This time, I feel like people felt connected to my story because they learned more about me. The third time, I tried to connect my research to others – to explain it to them in a way that would make them care.

While my expectation was to get “better” at telling my story every time, what I realized at the end of class was that I had simply approached the same story from three angles. Each angle has a purpose and a place, and I think it’s important to understand when each of the angles is appropriate!

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  1. kenblack2013


    I found that during the communicating science activities I had also reiterated a similar core theme about my research. As you did, each time it became more tuned to the audience at had, and more of a story and less of an academic endeavor. I would have to say that the first explanation of my research was really poor, but after doing the process, I was actually much more prepared for a presentation I needed to do for a potential committee member.

    It was also interesting to see and overhear other stories, and how they had evolved from those who had heard the story progress throughout the night.


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