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Wait, What?

So this is a phrase that I’ve found myself saying quite a bit frequently. I guess the first example of this is when I realized that I’ve let over a month go by without a blog update. Oops. Much thanks for faithful readers/commenters like my dad keeping me honest and pointing out my lack of posts. Well folks, class is back in session and I have to post now. Never fear!

Last week, I looked over my classes and realized that as far as my coursework goes, I’ve pretty much met all of the requirements except I lack 4 classes. Wait, what? I’m almost done with classes already? I just started here! It’s wild. For those of you not familiar with doctoral programs, this doesn’t mean that I’ll actually graduate anytime soon. I’m still years away from that. It just means that I can have much more flexibility with my schedule; I don’t have a ton of classes to cram in my schedule along with TAing and research. I have more flexibility to take classes that I find interesting. Like for example, I’m going to take a class in the Art department to help fulfill my requirements for the Human Centered Design certificate. Art! I can’t wait.

Last weekend, I went hiking with some friends to the Cascades. If you’ve been following my blog long, you will have seen another post about this hike. Well, I braved the freezing temperatures for one reason only… 2014-01-26 15.56.53 2014-01-26 15.53.27

Because they were FROZEN! You can clearly see that they were not frozen solid, but I’m not sure I can stand any colder temperatures to see them frozen solid. This will have to do! We also hiked up to the upper falls. I had never been there before. I actually got to stand on top of the ice at the top of the falls. Wait, what? That’s me, on top of a frozen waterfall. It was terrifying and amazing all at the same time.

2014-01-27 15.35.20

I’m on the left side of the picture. It doesn’t look like it, but I’m actually standing about 3 feet to the right of the edge of the trail. In the summer, where I’m standing is just open air and splashing water.

I’m in a group text message with my parents, my sister, and her husband. In the middle of another conversation about something totally unrelated, Dad sends this message saying “Non-displaced fracture…it will heal in 3 weeks”. Wait, what? That’s right folks, my dad fractured his foot, and then just forgot to tell us about it. Turns out, the whole story is that he was trying to answer the phone when I was calling, and was in a rush to grab the phone and in the process he kicked a chair really hard. So he said everyone should blame the whole thing on me. Even worse, he didn’t even get to the phone in time to answer it. A tragedy!

So it’s been a surprising couple of weeks. I’m plugged in to technology again, so you can look forward to more frequent posts (hopefully) to keep you up to date with the (somewhat) exciting things that are happening in my life. Sprinkled in, you’ll find some posts about what’s going on in my class called “Preparing the Future Professoriate”. If you have any interest in higher education, you’ll get my take on a bunch of various topics. If you don’t, skip the posts categorized as “PFP14S” and you’re good to go. I’m glad to be back online!


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