20 Miles in Pictures

Today’s training run was 20 miles. With that much time by myself and on my feet, I decided to try to capture the essence of Blacksburg, the fall colors, and everything that I was seeing on my run. So I now present, my run through the lens of my cell phone!

Fall is here!Fall Colors

2013-10-13 13.25.06
Rustic Barn Hidden from Town

2013-10-13 14.35.352013-10-13 14.40.502013-10-13 14.44.58
Left: Entrance to Campus, Middle: Whittemore Hall, Right: Durham Hall

Whittemore is where most of my classes and my office are located. It’s also where the Human Factors and Ergonomics labs/faculty are located. It’s fairly safe to guess that I will be spending a huge amount of time here over the next 4 years! Durham houses most of the rest of the ISE department.

2013-10-13 14.50.55
Ut Prosim (meaning “That I may serve”) is Virginia Tech’s motto.

2013-10-13 14.52.02
My “Weights”

As always, I can never resist a good deal. Well these 32 oz bottles were 2/$3 but you had to buy 2 at a time. I decided to go ahead and save the money, because I knew I would need some fluids and calories. I thought about the fact that they would be heavy…but not about HOW heavy. I definitely gave my forearms a workout to go with the workout I was giving my legs!

2013-10-13 14.56.332013-10-13 14.58.34
Downtown Blacksburg

2013-10-13 15.17.47
Entering Huckleberry Trail

2013-10-13 15.22.48
Overlooking Campus and the Stadium

2013-10-13 16.08.162013-10-13 16.10.07
A fun bridge, and more of Huckleberry Trail

2013-10-13 17.06.59
A Nice Jog on 460

I didn’t do the best job scouting out the last few miles of my run, so I ended up running about 3 miles along 460 without a sidewalk…not the best running situation. This was in my last mile – I finally had a sidewalk to run on!

2013-10-13 17.12.3620miles


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3 Responses to 20 Miles in Pictures

  1. Stephanie

    I’ve always wanted to do this on my runs! Occasionally, I see some really interesting things – sometimes it’s just a pretty landscape or a caterpillar I’ve never seen. I almost ran over a snake one time! But I never take the time for pictures because it will hurt my pace. This motivates me to forget about my pace on my next long run and document the journey. Thanks for posting!


    🙂 thank you for sharing this adventure Missie. I recently had a flashback of our runs in the M. I was taking the corner (in my car) off Quail Hollow onto International Place. I had mixed feelings. I ALWAYS enjoyed the company – rarely did I actually enjoy the run.

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