I think it’s important to have goals in many different aspects of your life. Even if you don’t think they will ever actually happen, having goals can give you that little extra oomph to push yourself extra hard. I don’t have a set list of goals that I want to accomplish, but I have a sort of running tally in the back of my mind. One of my goals pertains to traveling. After getting bit by the travel bug in high school, I had this crazy goal of traveling to all 7 continents in 7 years. Now that’s not going to happen in 7 years (or I have to go to Antarctica in the next 2 months), so I’m aiming for visiting the last one (Antarctica) before my passport expires.

I also had another unwritten goal. I’ve been running regularly for the last 2 years. I’ve completed 3 half marathons, a marathon, and an ultra trail run, which is really exciting for me! However, I have never focused on speed. I strongly relate to the tortoise – not the hare. I never win the race, but I always finish traveling at my slow and somewhat steady pace that gets my body across the finish line, whether it takes 30 minutes or 9.5 hours. I just thought I wasn’t built for speed so I focused instead on distance. About a year ago, I was training for a race with one of my running buddies when we were feeling lazy and decided that instead of doing the full distance, we would just run 2 miles as fast as we could. We ran at an 8:30 mile pace – about 2 min/mile faster than I ever run. Then, excited from our unexpected speed, we ran another mile – I finished in 7:35. I didn’t even know I could run a mile in less than 8 minutes! Ever since then, I have been hoping to run a sub-7:00 mile…mostly because I didn’t actually think it was possible.

I’ve been running quite a bit since moving to Blacksburg – I’m training for a marathon at the beginning of November. I haven’t checked my mile time in a while, so I figured that since I’m (finally) working on speed by doing a track workout every Tuesday night, I should get a baseline count of my mile time. Last Tuesday, I set off to see how well I was doing and ran 1 mile in exactly 7:01! So all I have to do to beat my goal is run 2 seconds faster! Knowing that, I realized that I’ve been selling myself short by making goals that aren’t challenging enough. Now I have to come up with a new running goal. Maybe you can help me push myself a little harder.

– Run a mile in less than 6:30
– Run a 5K in less than 23:00

Which should be my new goal for running?


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  1. Brian

    I enjoyed your post, as I am leaving for my Sunday morning long run in about 10 minutes…

    It sounds like we are opposites. I have always been fast, but my long distance runs suffer. Every time I bump up my training for a marathon, I get hurt (last time was achilles tendinitis, 8 months into it and I can function normally again). I have been focusing on enjoying my runs and slowly increasing mileage.

    BBurg is a great place to run. Enjoy the run and remember “Be Safe, Be Seen” (especially in BBurg!)

  2. Brian

    I vote for both goals. According to the Jack Daniels VDOT calculator, if you can achieve one, you will be able to achieve the other (http://www.runbayou.com/jackd.htm). If you haven’t heard about Dr. Jack Daniels, you should read up on him and his book (The Running Formula) its worth the read.

  3. kmad23

    Thanks for the very positive post. Brought a smile to my face because I have been working on my goals too. All I will say is with enough self belief in yourself and passion, nothing is impossible to accomplish

  4. missiessippi

    Thanks for the positive feedback, y’all!

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