6 Lies about K12 Education in America

I thought this was an interesting read, especially “Lie 3” after our class discussion over the last couple of weeks. Just wanted to post it in case anyone else was interested.



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  1. kenblack2013


    That article was quite interesting. I had not realized that, as a nation, we spend a great deal on education, but don’t seem to have the results to match. I knew that we performed poorly, but thought we also did not spend much on education.

  2. ronkent

    I have to disagree with Joy on a few of these issues, including Lie 3. The argument is basically that we need to overcome the “knowledge deficit” (i.e., our mediocre scores on international tests) because it leads to other societal problems. In reality, the international test scores are meaningless, and our social problems won’t be solved by making sure that high school students are proficient at algebra and geometry. Check out the article “Are international tests worth anything?” by Kieth Baker in the October 2007 issue of Phi Delta Kappan. I would say that the generic skills like critical thinking and creativity are what help the United States outperform other countries in more meaningful indicators such as per-capita GDP and Quality of Life Index, although I do share Joy’s disdain for the Common Core (perhaps for different reasons).

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