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That is good enough for me

The great Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” Nine years ago, I wanted change. After leading the quintessential yuppie life for six years, I realized that I wanted … Continue reading

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Learning need not be all work

Before I found my way back to the academe, I worked as a programmer and systems analyst. One of the fond memories I have of that “era” was being invited to my daughter’s school for a sort of show-and-tell about … Continue reading

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Childhood is a journey, not a race…. Lessons from my daughter

Alfie Kohn’s article The Case Against Grades reminded me of a moment from about a decade ago, when I received one of the loudest “wake-up” calls in my life from my then-10-year-old daughter. At the time, I had been an absentee … Continue reading

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On Anti-Teaching and Mindful Learning: Keeping an open mind

My first reaction to this week’s topics was not very promising. The term “anti-teaching” elicited an unspoken “What?” in my head. The phrase “mindful learning” was also confusing to me – can one really learn anything mindlessly? Of course I … Continue reading

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Musings on learning in today’s world

The learning experience – especially in the context of formal education – has certainly evolved over the years. While I cannot directly quote literature right now, I have certainly heard stories from the “yesteryears,” stories shared by my parents, grandparents, … Continue reading

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My first post

“If you don’t know where you are, a map won’t help.” – Watts Humphrey  

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The International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy

It was interesting to find that there are organizations that provide open access to work in engineering education. Since I started in the Engineering Education program last year, I had gravitated towards articles published in the Journal of Engineering Education … Continue reading

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All about “Hence”

About three weeks ago, I came across an article on Inside Higher Education that brought me back to our conversation in class about microaggressions experienced in the classroom. One of the things that was brought out was being subjected to … Continue reading

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Looking ahead

It was interesting to read about how American higher education has responded to society’s changing needs and the directions it ought to take moving forward in James Duderstadt and Farris Womack’s book The Future of the Public University in America. … Continue reading

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Taking the next big step

Two years ago, I was asked to talk about discernment and choosing a college major to a group of high school seniors from various schools in our city. I would like to share this talk here, in the hope that … Continue reading

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