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As I was looking for open access journals to use for “Blog Post 4” I tried to open up Beall’s List, but the page loaded saying, “this service is no longer available.”

For those of you who are not familiar with Beall’s List, it was a blog written by University of Colorado librarian Jeffrey Beall that kept a list of predatory open access journals. Such as the journals that charge outlandish fees to publish your work, or have dysfunctional peer review standards- if they are reviewed at all. There have been at least two papers accepted for publication that read only, “get me off your fucking mailing list” hundreds of times. One even came back with a response saying that the manuscript quality was “good” and asked for $75 to publish the paper.

The blog started with less than twenty predatory publications listed, over the almost ten years that it existed that list had grown to include more than 1,400.

There has been a problem with journals featured on his list threatening to sue. In 2013 he was threatened with a suit of 1Billion in damages by a journal that had been listed on his “worst of the worst” list. I don’t think anything came from the threat.

The University of Colorado issued a statement that Beall’s decision to take down the website was a personal one. Though, Lacey Earl, the Vice President of Business development at Cabell’s International tweeted:

Many other tweets followed showing their support for Beall, and offering links to his archived list of predatory journals so that we can still be informed.

That link is still working and can be found HERE 

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  1. I had heard of this resource but never used it. Thank you so much for posting it! There is an open-access publisher on here that I had recently contemplated using for my dissertation, and now I know for sure that I need to look in a different direction!

  2. It is a huge shame this man was essentially strong-armed out of publishing his list of predatory journals. I hope someone else takes up the torch and carries on the idea

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