Week 5: The Lab

I thought the lab was a super cool idea. It’s pretty much an educational choose your own adventure story. I appreciated the multi-modal experience, and getting to experience the character’s stories I feel will have a longer lasting effect than if we had simply been lectured at, or if it had been presented as dully as that other video with the two kids from A&M.

I was not expecting it to take as long as it did, however. I’m wondering if a text version would produce a similar experience to the video. The choose your own adventure part could remain, but you could probably read through it much faster than it took to watch. I think the first story line alone took almost an hour to navigate.

Getting to see the process from a couple of points of view was quite helpful. There are a lot of people involved in the process, and they all had their own motivations. It can help to contextualize the complexity of each individual situation, and can help you sympathize with their individual decisions.

I’m wondering, though, what carryover it will have into the real world. Will this video deter people from cheating or falsifying data? It almost seemed like there were too many points that could have resulted in him getting a way with it.

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  1. I agree the lab took awhile to go through, and if it was required for undergraduate students or students to go through to learn about plagiarism, they might not pay attention the whole way through since it was tedious to go through. Overall, I think it is useful, but could have been condensed. I am not sure a reading would have had the same emotional and lasting effect of the severity of plagiarism though. I think that the lab might actually deter people from plagiarizing data. I know that from the grad student perspective of the girl student made me a lot more inclined to have a no tolerance policy if I was even the least bit concerned about the work of a fellow lab mate.

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