Week 4: Honor Code part I

The honor code is very thorough, and very extensive. It really covers all the bases.

I’m wondering how much the thoroughness and extensiveness of the honor code really discourages plagiarism and cheating. My first thought is that most students know that these two violations of the honor code are wrong. I say most because I know there are different rules governing citations and plagiarism around the world. But still, I think most students here know plagiarism is wrong. So, I would think that most would not do it on their own integrity.

The students that would find themselves on the fence about cheating would probably be dissuaded by a simple statement like “cheating will result in failure.”

The students that are going to cheat and knowingly plagiarize are probably thinking they won’t be caught, and may be thinking very little of the consequences regardless of how simple or thorough they are.

I understand that in a legal sense they need to be very thorough and outline exactly what the institution means by cheating, and what constitutes cheating. And they need to be very specific about what the penalties are for cheating so they can say that students should have known. I understand all that. I’m just not sure that the extensiveness does much more to dissuade cheaters than just a simple, “if you are caught cheating you will fail.”

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