Week 3: Plagiarism

The CCCC’s position exactly what I have been taught in the classroom, and what I have been taught in the Honor Code presentations we have seen. The CCCC’s statement also is very similar to the concerns of the Virginia Tech IRB.

The CCCC says that rules about plagiarism and intellectual property are governed by federal law implying that the penalties for plagiarism could extend beyond the institution you are attending.

The CCCC also makes guidelines for how to properly cite other’s intellectual property so you can use their work without penalty of law or a failing grade. Most of the plagiarism I have seen comes from improper citing practices. Citing is hard. Knowing when to cite and what needs to be cited can often be difficult to discern. Some plagiarists know what they are doing, and know that it is wrong. This also makes it hard to know how to deal with plagiarism.  Do we follow the letter of the law? and report all plagiarism? Or do we try to discern the spirit of the action and use it as a teaching moment? We can have students fix their improper citing techniques so they learn how not to make the same mistakes in the future.

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