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  1. Thomas Goldsmith says:

    Hello folks,
    This is Tommy Goldsmith, as I am known by friends and musicians, or Thomas Goldsmith, as my journalism byline has been for more than 30 years.
    I am pleased to see my book “The Bluegrass Reader” being used as a part of discussion of fascinating bluegrass topics.
    I just happened upon these posts. OK, I was looking up my name, as most writers do from time to time…+)
    In any case, I am just checking in to say hello and let you know that I am working on another book. It’s not anthology this time, but a fairly high-concept venture called “The Ballad of ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown.'” It’s a study of Earl Scruggs and the way that he and “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” helped preserve and promulgate American vernacular music from about 1950 on.
    So, it’s great to see y’all looking at bluegrass and roots music in probing and imaginative ways.
    Please get in touch if I can be of any help. My day job is still in newspapers. I live in Raleigh, N.C., and am best reachable at
    All best,

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