Signing Off: Cheers to a Good Semester

As our semester rolls to an end I have to say I am glad I took this course even though it hasn’t necessarily altered my life view. I, honestly, do not feel much different as I reflect on the last few months. I was already aware that a lot of people are primarily motivated by their own well-being and that this motivation will allow them to justify doing what they deem necessary (whether it be cutting corners, lying, cheating, or stealing) to increase their own stake in life. I also was aware that engineering, academia, or science more generally would not preclude these people from their ranks. What I have learned from this class is that I (and you) should often take a look at myself, my goals, and my actions to stay as ethically grounded as possible. The active use of introspection can prevent the gradual degradation of personal ethical codes and seems vital to avoiding the slippery slopes that tripped up so many of our case studies.

I have also enjoyed trying out blogging. This has been my first foray into this method of perspective sharing, and may not be my last. I struggle with going out of my way to share my opinions with strangers and acquaintances alike, but I am distressed by the amount of misinformation and hate that seems to circulate my social media feeds. Maybe the concepts of whistleblowing, and ethical fair play that we commonly touch on in class also apply here? Certainly something to consider.

I wish everyone the best as our semester comes to a close, and wish you all a happiest holiday imaginable.

Signing off,