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?This WordPress blog was created on an Apple MacBook Air.

I am employing the Elemin theme, created by Themify. I have also customized it with the borderless white skin. Since I’m new to this blogging thing I am choosing to keep the theme very simple, and all the white space this theme provides works well for my purposes. I have figured out how to change font color, but for the same reasons I want to keep the black and white.

All dates and times are displayed in the New York timezone.

The photo that appears on my About page is my own, taken on the FMDS trip to DC Fashion Week in Fall 2013.

The photo that appears on the Site Information page is also my own. I enjoy using photoshop, so I went and typed a question mark and saved it as a jpeg. I thought the question mark could work as a photo for this page, i.e., if you have any questions you will probably visit this page.

The pineapple photo that appears on the Welcome page comes to us courtesy of this website: I chose the pineapple because I know it’s a commonly used welcome symbol. I looked for a black and white photo to stay with the black and white theme of the blog.

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