Progress 4/8

What I Did
Finally, back in class.I started immediately working on my Prezi rough cut, since I have enough assets and enough of my project nailed down to be working on this step.My decisions so far include:

Prezi, I will absolutely be using Prezi as my presentation tool, since the way it whirls and spins is sort of whimsically zodiac and design-like. What I haven’t decided is the background/theme to use on the prezi template that I am creating from scratch. I have found colors that I like, but the font is all wrong on the template and so that will require some work.

My topic, of the zodiac signs and design houses mashup based on the personalities of a product or products that embody that house’s character, reassigned as a zodiac sign. So, rather than being born under a star sign, you could be born under the House of Chanel. I’d rather be the House of Celine than a pisces, anyway.

And my assets. Currently I have photos of bags, shoes, and apparel that embody the spirit of certain design houses. I have a wheel of the zodiac signs, all in their places. I have a map of the constellations, but I’m unsure if I will use it.

Why I Did It
My Prezi rough cut first draft was the next logical in-class step, since I have assets and enough about my project solidified to begin working on it. I have information about each zodiac sign, my design houses, examples of their work, and am putting it all together.

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