Progress 4/3


What I Did
Today, still in NYC, I had a job interview with an apparel manufacturer, one of the biggest in the United States called Kellwood. I walked to my interview from the hotel (and was mistaken for a local, but not the point) and so I had time to visit stores. I went into Prada and Gucci, and the salespeople could immediately tell that I was sightseeing not shopping, which is embarrassing.After this time, I met up with the rest of my group for lunch. Then we had the amazing opportunity of visiting the Calvin Klein offices, and Mood, the fabric store from project runway. At Calvin Klein we spoke first with the HR Manager, who then introduced the Menswear Creative Director, and two Womenswear Product Developers and Senior Directors. All of these speakers went through their entire creative process, bringing in swatches and moodboards for us to view. They also showed the CAD development process, and the color and dye swatches. They discussed how Calvin Klein uses one set of colors per season, but these must be adapted for black label, platinum label, and white label designs. Even menswear and womenswear demand different colors from the overall set, and each of these are different for every store setting and regional area.

Later on we visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as Central Park, before heading to Little Italy for an Alumni Dinner. We capped off our last night in New York with a visit to the Empire State Building, in the rain. It was amazing, although at first we were dreading being at that altitude in the rain. On top of the Empire State Building you could tell it was mostly tourists, but the amount of international tourists was staggering. They kept repeating that it was a once in a lifetime trip, and made our group appreciate how lucky we were to be able to attend through Virginia Tech.

All in all, it was an incredible learning experience.

Again, we had no internet in the hotel (well we did, but I was not about to pay $30 a day for access, so, sorry). So all I could do was conceptualize which designers would be which zodiac signs. I have placed them all at this point! So that’s done, and I have already determined that I will use Prezi as my form of presentation.

Why I Did It
Later I will disclose why I placed which design house as which zodiac sign, but at this point I don’t want to give it away! I am still interested in this project, because I do really like the topics that I’ve been allowed to mash together.I did what I did during this time because firstly I was limited, without internet, so couldn’t work on my final presentation, or find assets. Secondly, the design houses reassignments to their zodiac signs needed to be completed. I feel as though, although I was away, I am still on track. Especially since I do enjoy the topics, using Prezi, and finding assets for all of it. So it won’t be an issue to get my work done on time, using some out of class time.

Shoutout to Professor Gardner, for excusing me for the week!

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These are the Womenswear Product Developers and Senior Directors from Calvin Klein, showing us their design process.



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